Saturday, December 4, 2010

Get well soon Ariz

Ariz is sick. He is having slight fever and cough. He vomitted for the fourth time now. Yeah, he's been crying. Its depressing you know but what can i do. He's my son. I love him. Get well soon ariz. Mama worries for you. When you get well, we will celebrate your birthday grandly okay.

That picture above was taken at starbucks at vivo city. We met mamat there, take crazy pictures with sidek and isha. Hahaha. Wont upload alot of pix yeah. Thats for all. Byebye.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I deleted my previous blog and do up a new one. Yeah. For those who knew me, yeah, im married and now with a son. Muhammad Syah Ariz, my precious. I do have a husband, Muhammad Nor Hafiz also known as Sepet. He is serving Singapore. Yeah.

So now, im practically a housewife. Being pregnant again. Waiting for the right moment. However there are complications. My baby is very the naughty. Him/her do not want to show the gender and also wont turn his/her head. I needed to go for operation on the 13th December.. Wish me luck guys..

And the happiest news is that i am able to celebrate Ariz's birthday. We are doing the celebration at my sister's house at Tampines. Havent plan anything detailed yet though.. Im excited for my son's big day :) hees.

Ariz is now having fever and cough.. But subsided already. Yeah. Im hoping he get well real soon. Wouldnt want him to get sick on his special day. Same goes for me. Need to get well soon.

Hubby will be back late today. He needed to report to mandai camp. What the hell cross country.. Yeah, he needs to drive through the forest.. Whatever. Hahaha.. Come back soon. Your son is sick dear.

Anyway that's it for today's post.