Saturday, December 11, 2010

And i gave birth.. to a BABY GIRL!!

Yeah the goody news is i gave birth to a baby girl. Nur Arissa Insyirah.

Some pictures taken. Will update more later on. byebye.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patience is a virtue

Can i be angry??

To Hubby:
How i wish i could smack the questions i had in mind to your face? I've been trying my very best to keep everything to myself. You know what? Communication is important in marriage life. However your problem is, you cant have a heart to heart talk. Its going to destroy us. The thing is, i love you, i cant deny that and i hate myself for that. You knew that i cant live being cheated and lied. But i have to, now. Its hurting me so badly that im going crazy. I have three things in mind.
1. Ignore whatever you are doing and continue being hurt.
2. Do whatever that you are doing so you have a feel of what i feel.
3. Have a heart to heart talk.

Hahha. Judging from the way things are, option 1 and 3 are out of question. Option 2 seems so cruel but if it makes you realise then its not that cruel. Wakakaka. Okay i sound like an evil wife. Hahaha.

Okay, i think for now, i just keep quiet. Maybe when the time is right then i decide okay. Life is like that. You have a few choices, just choose it, thinking of all consequences and do it. That's life. We just have to live it whether we like it or not. We need to move on rather than fretting non stop. Fullstop.

To my mum:
Yeah i know life is hard for you. I need my own life too you know. You want to find a house and ask my siblings to live with me. You are shirking your responsibility. Its not that i wont take my siblings. Yar, when life is hard up, they are my siblings no matter what and i'll take them in. But mom, you wont need to feel the pinch of bringing up your children till they are married. You wont know how they succeed in life one day. Dont tell me, when they do, you want to claim all the credits after dumping them on me. From what i know, you fight with my father for their custody 1 year ago. But now, you are so tired living with them. You have to sacrifice alot as a single mother. Why cant you have that mindset? You only think about your cyber friends who you never meet and trust them more than your children. Okay fine. I dont mind. You find a 3 room flat as soon as possible and i'll willingly take them in okay? But dont forget that your children are still schooling and you have the responsibility to take care of their welfare. Do what you say, i'll wait for it to happen okay. For how long you can depend on people. :))

The stupid me as usual. I watched a video on youtube about caesarean. I was scaring myself looking at the video. I closed the window after one second of watching it. Ohh myy, its sooooo discouraging :( I dont want. I want to deliver normally. How they will dig their hand inside my stomach just sent shivers down my spine. How ugly will my stomach look later on.. Ugly.. Haish..

Dear unborn baby, please do your job inside mama's tummy. Please turn your head to the right position so mama will deliver you normally. I love you. Im still curious about your gender.. Hmmm..

Hees. Okay.. Thats for it now.. Update if there is anything. Byebye.

Monday, December 6, 2010


The pain is worsening! Ohh god.. Its killing me. Plusplus ARIZ -.-" Hope i can make it till the 13th.

Anyway, Its just a random post. Can anybody tell me or explain to me the true meaning of honesty in a relationship? Maybe its me or its him who gets confused. I wonder.. Hahaha. I have overcome many obstacles in life and i truly knew what hardships in family life means. I know that i can go through this with my beloved and children. As for relationship~

Sidek is working~ Busy working at topshop at knightsbrige. Okay i didnt know where that is at first. Wakaka. Its a new mall. Isha is being a great help to me, helping me to take care of ariz.. Lagi2 aku nih tgh sarat. Haish. My mom.. Never change. She has always been like that; ohh dammit, she turned worse. Yeah. If i could say it straight to her face, i would. She never realises and learns from her mistake.. I really wish someone can knock some sense into her that she is being cheated. And that her priority is her children and not the guys she never met. Oh gosh. I just hope somebody would help her with this. As for my father, i just hope he gets what he wants. Get to achieve whatever he wants to achieve as he was deprived of it when he was a kid. I never blame abah or ibu for the things that happen. To ibu: Dont push your responsibilities to me when you are in dire straits.

Some pictures of knightsbridge at orchard road :))

Okayokay. Fine. Its a random and boring post. Hahaha. Will update okays.. :))

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A day at home

Pictures taken during the outing to vivocity and habourfront with sidek and shairah.
This is when i got to eat my cheesecake at Gloria Jeans.

Yeah, there are two very good news. That are, atlast kak nurul preggy. And another is, Maksu is also preggy. Yeah, makcik and anak sedare preggy! Congrats and take good care of yourself. * Anyway, this was supposed to be updated yesterday but im too worried about ariz. Yeah. Ariz fever acted up yesterday night and my cough worsened throughout the night. I was coughing like mad. However, Ariz fever subside for now and he is having his nap after eating soup made by hubby. He ate alot and drank soya bean. He slept soundly during his drink. Yeah, cutiepie.

Anyway, today isha is not at home cause she is at kakak's house with abah helping out in taking care of raiyan and ilhan and also arfan. I wanted to follow however i dont think its a good idea as ariz and me are sick. Luckily, we didnt follow cause ariz vomitted alot! It worries me. However, he looks abit okay now.. Im still coughing. Ibu is also getting sick cause she is coughing too. Ohhmyy. Contagious. Anyway, abit worried for isha looking after them. Must be tiring.

So today, hubby is at home watching cartoon. He can be a daddy at home. Wakakka. He helped out with the washing and even cooked soup for ariz. Hahaha.

My stomach painpain as usual. But it has worsen for now..

*Will update if there is anything. Hope today is a great day :))