Friday, January 6, 2012

HAPPY 2012

Hello all. It might be a little too late to wish all of you Happy New Year!!

Anyway, we didn't actually planned new year's outing, it was a last minute plan. And thanks to mum, she looked after my babies, THANK YOU MUM. So yeah, to keep it short, we went out with mamat, apiz and his girlfriend, i guess her name is nadia 0.o Okay. Obviously hubby and me tagged along. We went to east coast park to eat SEAFOOD. Well i wouldn't call it seafood, no offence but it wasn't that nice. Hahaha. I ate abit, surprisingly. After the 'sumptious' meal, hubby and i walked to macdonalds, which i could say it is really damn far. It took us 30 minutes to reach there. OH GOSH. Tiring. I wouldn't called it a romantic walk when i really3 want that badly =.=" cause there's so many pairs of eyes watching us. Oh yeah, we kept our patience by our side for the 30 minutes journey.

** Here's a random one. I found out that fatin was there too. Celebrating new year. What a tough luck. Oh well, i was expecting her and i'm mentally prepared for everything. Thank god, we didn't met her, i guess. Even if we did, i wouldn't want to know. Hahs.

After we reached, we sat at McCafe. After awhile, mamat and apiz went home. We proceeded to macdonalds and meet azri. I swear at that point of time, i was damn shagged. Okay along the way, BLABLABLA, to keep the story short. Hubby and i thought of drinking 1 cup of mixed liqour for him. But then we ended up drinking two cups, dragged. Okay, i didn't know i can do that. IT'S BEEN A YEAR I QUIT DRINKING. THANKS AZRI. Anyway, we then played a simple game, and guess what hubby and each lost 3 times, and for that fucking 3 cups, we had a PURE LIQUOR. Damn, lucky i could hold that. Okay fine. Then we headed straight home in a CAB. So unlucky me, i got a bad headache when i reached home and lucky me, i didn't vomit in the cab. Okay that's for our countdown.

** Well my resolution for 2012 is: Live life like i always did. I know it's lame. BUT THAT'S WHAT WE DID EVERY OTHER YEARS RIGHT? Hhahaha. If i changed, i'm sorry dear. It's you who did this to me. You never appreciate me in the past and now you have nobody to blame but yourelf. I am only protecting my fragile heart and myself.

** Well Friends, i only have 2 + 1 close friends, and one out of the two is my family. Plus 1 is mamat. He is my family too. So, Friends, i won't let you have me today and in time to come. I'm not the one you thought you knew. Peace _|_