Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miss you baby

Dear, i miss you sooo much. 1 more year to go. I need to endure another year of bullshit. I don't want this kind of life seriously. Nevermind, no use fretting. Ibu (mum-in-law) came again today to take arissa's birth cert and passport size photo. Yeah. These few days been having headache and flu. But i can't give in to illness. I need to be strong cause i have to take care of my kids. Well, this is my life and i have to accept it. So stay strong and be happy :)

Anyway, i'm still in confusion. Hahaha. Okay, irritated. I really don't know what to buy for him. Yar, it's decided. A perfume but what brand and which one. Oh gosh. Let me show the pictures.

That's it. Help me please. Asked around and most said hugo boss. But which smell nicer.

And yar, tomorrow going out with ibu. Hopefully, the rain will spoil the mood. Surveying the perfumes that i've stated above.


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Sunday, January 30, 2011


As stated yesterday, i thought of going out today but as you cab see, it's been raining since yesterday. Like OMG!! So i don't think it's a good idea to go out. Kids can easily fall sick and i can't afford that. So we stayed home today. And hubby got news from his camp that he needs to book in by 2200hrs instead of 1800hrs. So we spent time at home, played around with ariz and arissa sleeps the whole day. So yeah, we were happy, and that's the thing.

Okay that's all :)

Okay updates, now is 31.10.11 @ 0102hrs

Baby text me just now and told me that his sgt put him to a 2 day field camp. So what the hell is that suppose to mean??!! Yes. He will be back on a FUCKING tuesday. Thank you very much sgt. You people really testing my damn patience, always making use of people and have a habit of informing my baby last minute. Don't ever let me see you. Hiakdush!!! Wahh!! Gona mish him so much laaa. Hmm. Im waiting for arissa's milktime. What the super hell!! It's so damn cold. Can't stand it. Hahha. Talking to baby now.

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Yesterday, went out to take a passport sized photo of arissa. Cause ibu (mum-in-law) is coming on sunday night to take the picture and birth certificate. Ibu wants to make arissa's passport. Okay, So yesterday, hubby decided to visit kakak nurul. So we went to tampines, settle arissa's thingy and then we went to kakak's house. Ariz, the entertainer. Hahaha. Everyone was entertained by him :) Anyway, it's a crowd at kakak's house. Felt a little awkward. Got to meet kak lin too :) Hmm. Didn't take pictures, again.

I have a stupid bad habit, of not taking pictures!! Haiyah, need to get used to it one day. Hahaha. Nevermind.
** Still thinking about the pit, not sure if we want to go or not.

Random posts: Comparing & contrasting. Stop doing that. You are living in what age?? This is not the time to do that. Really, i can't stand this type of people. For your information, by comparing and contrasting, you are not doing any good to anyone EVEN to yourself. Cause you will make your life miserable by trying to be the best among all and you will be upsetting the people around you. Remember, happiness doesn't come easy. So don't lose it.

** Yeah, planning to go anywhere, wherever which is possible. But can't seem to think of a place. Haiyah. Want to bring ariz out to have some fun or he will be bored to death for the next few days. Hahaha. Poor him. See how it goes for tomorrow. Or else, just forget it. Lagipon, hubby needs to book in by 6pm. What the Shit!!

That's all folks. Byebye~~