Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just a little short update. Congratulations to me cause i got the fucking job. Basically my job title is receptionist cum guest relations officer. Hmm, im not sure how i will cope but im really into finding new experiences. It will be good on my resume :)

Anyway, Found this website called Gmarket. Its a great bargain and best buy products there. Finally, i know what i want to buy for my baby, a G-SHOCK watch. He liked it, why not. It's pretty cheap, for me. 80+?? Yeah. Cool. Andand the clothes, makeup, jeans and stuff there, damn cheap!! Cheaper than bugis ( in comparison for its design) Nice design there. ALOTALOT of varieties.. I like. Now i want start working. Willbuy loads of clothes in this website. Bank transfer!!- for the payment. Coolshitxs sia. I really love it. I foundthis website through facebook. Thanks to you facebook :) I love you too.

Overall, im excited to earn bucks!! okay. 

Today went to hougang with shabrina and ibu and isha. Visiting old neighbours. Its been eons.. Hahahha. Great to see them. And what the hell thing is, they cant identify who is who. They thought that isha is me and me is isha. Weird huh? WTF!! Hahahha. Neymind. Overall, AWESOME!!

kay folks. Here it is. My journey, my life :) Peace!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fuck me!

I don't even know why my blog is soooo DEAD. Haiyah. Pretty obvious i have no time to blog. Stupid or whatt?? Okay. I want to change my blogger layout. But im too LAZY!!

Now, Time check: 12.59am
Baby da masok camp tadi. He took the risk of booking in late but he informed them la. So, its okay. So sweet of him. I appreciate what he has done. He want to spent time with me, ariz and his bestfriend, ayie. Yeah we went out to MARINA BARRAGE! Yeah its like the first time in my life! Gerek ar! Haha. Okay the problem with me is kn, i super lazy to upload pictures. Hahahaha. Maybe one day, when baby is at home to help me look after both of them, and nobody is at home. Perhaps i'll be a lil rajin to upload pictures. And that episode will be like all pictures. So dont expect any updates, Kalau rajin, whyy not seyh. Hahaha. So yeah, like fun seyh just now, Hubby and ayie with their super MERAPEKS. And we laughed till our perot pecah! Wakaka. Okay, super kecorables! WakakakA!

Tomorrow is my interview. As a receptionist at a backpackers hostel. Im going to try my luck there. Why not? okay will continue some other day. Catching up with my cousin, Hakim.
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