Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mobile blogging

Yea. im still mobile blogging.

i’ve slept for 3hrs. tired larh. ishk. anak2kush nieh.

im so0o in lovey dovey with hubby. i miss the times we used to date. now, we are too busy, even we hv no time for ourselves. how i wish there’s a day to ourselves. >> yea, a day just for us.. hmm. *crossfingers*

and lastly i miss my 2 ultimate bestfriends aka sisters.>>to katy: i hope you are doing fine at jb with fathur and your hubby. lets meetup sometimes with our kids yeah. ^^ >>to riza: i know u’ve been juggling time for studies n work. tc of urself. and dont worry about your family.

i miss dad n kakak.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


True enough, im extremely exhausted looking after 2 at a time though wit isha’s help. im stil recovering. n i often overwork and the pain will get excruciating.

arissa sleeps at 3am evryday. her cries wil start at evening. omg! it just means she wakes up at that time and started sleeping at 3am n throughout the day. ariz wakes up at 6am or 7am. imagine hw tired cn dat b? cant blame the pain, its just dat im nt getting enough rest. haha. i dont even noe wat im talking about. im sooo tired right now.

too bad hubby cant help out due to ns. they should give him paternity leave. but neymind. will update soon