Friday, January 21, 2011

Family is enemy

Sometimes, sadly but true, that a family can turn into your enemy. Sometimes i just wished that i don't have to be born into this family. I just hate that my family members has all turn into selfish people. They don't appreciate what people do for them. They take things for granted and they don't consider other's feelings. Now; why should i bloody care for people who don't know how to appreciate what others do for them, specially those that are unrelated to them.

To isha : How do you even know that i'm going to delete you from my facebook and blocked you? Ohh thank you for taking the trouble to do that. Cause i don't wish to see the selfish YOU. Im also deleting you from my life. It is really not worth it wasting time and energy into you and your family. Even if you are going to stay by the roadside. Very well. I don't give a FUCK to you. Thank you.

Well arissa is now growing. Ariz too. Now trying his bestest to run and also to sing. Hoow cute, a boy, he is. He is very adorable. I love them. Very much.

I wish to move out soon. However mum in law says, just ignored them. Just wait for the time and move in with her. I don't want my children to instill their bad attitudes. Idiot. Come faster month 6.


Love wawa.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey its been awhile since i last updated my blog.

There was an LTG outing on Sunday, 16 Jan'11. It was planned a week before the actual date. However, Last minute it got really cocked up, nobody came to the outing except shab. What the Fuck! But actuslly, I dont really mind or care whether the others attend the outing. It was damn fun that night. We went karaoke at grandlink. The system there is different from last time. We need to present our membership card to the security officer whereby we will get a chop on our hand. We went in and proceed to our room. OH yeahh. Ariz n Fatehur can really sleep when we really went crazy in the room. Hahaha.. Hubby and Faizal were having a hell of great fun. We took pictures, not that much. Shabrina came at around 7+pm cause she was working. We continued taking pictures and everyone famished by then so we went out and decided to eat. (Hubby's ipod was in the karaoke room, Lucky enough he went back fast to search for his DAMN ipod) Okay back to the story, somehow or what, we decided to eat malay food. Okay no fast food!! We reached the foodcourt or whatever it is called, and that's when the story telling started till we slacked at coffee bean. It was somehow fun, hilarious and weird when we were recalling our secondary school days. While katy, shab and me were engrossed in the stories we, ourselves recalled, The Guys were having fun listening and laughing to our past. Hahaha. They commented and make fun of it, and hell yeah, Overall it was fun..! Will upload some pictures. Not all. Okay.
** To one of them , Nur Liyana : I made a post at my wall, referring to all of you. OHH please dont get affected, Kalau ko nk tahu, ko time lambat lahh gal. Sblm ko nk heboh2, zaman aku dabes lahh joy. Take note eyh, you dont mean a thing to me. Cause ppl like you are two-faced. Nak tahu apesal aku tk contact korg? Korg tk worth it lah! Take care.

Yeahh, days past and im still a housewife. I cant stand it staying in this house, like seriously. I really want to move out for the sake of my children. No freedom, no space, no privacy and even no control of my own children. Eyes are lookiing, ears are listening. My marriage life is not a show for people to look and comment. I dont like it. Whatever we are doing, people are watching. nI really do have the urge to go back JB to teach my children proper disciplinary and also assure them a roof over their heads and also have sufficient food to eat however the thought of no friends there, Haiyah. Yeah i got my bestest friend there, but she is not at home everyday except sunday. Wtf. Hahaha. Let me think about it first.

okay, thats all.. Will inform of any further updates.