Saturday, January 29, 2011


Eyoooo! Okay, it's not a big deal, i mean like so BIG dilemma like a BIG decision making in my life. It's just that im still confused of what to buy for valentines day - for HIM. I want to buy for him a perfume but i bought 1 for him last year but unfortunately, he broke it. He wants a watch but he needs the perfume. So a want and a need.. Hmm.. Yea!! Figure it out. Cool, by typing, i figured out something. Yea! Okay, that's it. Thanks alot blog, you helped me ;)

Anyway, hubby came back, tonight and is helping to take care of arissa. However, he needs to book in on sunday cause he got detail on monday till 2359. It means, he will be back, real late. Shit! Anyway, i need to endure this right? Yar, what to do. 

I don't know whether it's just me or my grudges. I've been feeling alot of hatred in myself. I guess i need to relax myself. And needs to have some peace. Ibu (mum-in-law) is making arissa's passport soon, that's a good sign. So i can go back JB on weekends, to have a peace of mind. Really. Too much pressure, here. I need to throw away the hatred, so i can live in peace. :)

Okay that's it for today. Nothing interesting to post.
Peace out peeps.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Yeah, i've been thinking about it very much, lately.. What's the thing best to get for hubby - valentine's day. Yeah, i don't know what's the best thing that i want to buy for him. I've limited budget. He didn't know anything about this. I've bought him, a wallet, slippers, shirt and i don't think i want to buy the same things again. I guess i'm gong to buy him a watch. Yeah, i got it. But, i didn't know if i want to buy it or not. Still in 'confusing' mode, Well nevermind.  Still got two weeks to worried about that :)

Anyway, hubby is not at home - as usual, DUTY!! Wahh!! How i hate that, seriously sia. That place, his camp, is a place worse than shit seyh! Fuck la. Woah! And i can't imagine during CNY.. Omg! The chinese gets 8 days leave, so what's that going to mean? The malays have to do everything in the camp?? Oh fuck! That place lacks humans okay. That's why hubby needs to go for duty, or even LAST minute duty. Really, FUCK them. Ohh What A Fate! Anyway, 1 more year to go! Jiayou!!

Random post : I really want to puke seeing ugly girls trying to look pretty in the pictures, ESPECIALLY the fat trying her best to look thin in the pictures, the ugly face trying to look cute or pretty or even HORNY in the pictures, and this part is the best - despite their efforts to do everything they can to look good in the pictures, they still need to edit to look even more prettier! And guess what, in reality they are damn fucking ugly, really, turn me off! But this type of girls, exists almost everywhere. It's not that im affected, it's just that i'm turned off or even feel like puking!! It's just that i felt disgusted. I guess it's not me alone. People who can't be natural in pictures = they are ugly in reality. Period.

What's next?? Ohh yar, my dear daughter, i don't what's up with you these days. You are really trying to be difficult depriving me of my rest and sleep and even a lil bit of time to entertain your brother. I guess either it's something wrong with you or you are about to change, i mean like your 2 months is coming, Yeah! So fast!

And, atlast, uncle helmy came to visit you kids. Hahaha. Helmy was shocked when he saw ariz could walk already. It's been a long time since uncle helmy played with ariz. When i'm at jb, uncle helmy would pamper ariz to the fullest, play with him, feed him etc. Yeah. Uncle helmy has visited arissa too. Atlast.

Okay that's it, Arissa prangai kepe! it's 0222hrs now! Damn arissa!
Logging off ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yesterday, i was having migrane and yar, it hurts very much, i cant barely open my eyes. Then i was down with flu and cough.. Next, sorethroat, i guess. Ibu helped me take care of arissa. Thanks ibu. I woke up at 0545, needed to do something, feeling groggy. Yeah. And i thought i can stayed up till arissa's milktime. However, i just felt asleep, again. Anyway, i can't hear arissa's cries. Luckily Sidek was home and wake me up. So, still feeling that im still in %@* land, i made her milk while sidek helps me to calm arissa. Thanks sidek. & the weirdest part is, i dont even know when i slept and when the fuck did i open the door for hubby. Haiyah! Think i was too tired and the migrane just worsened it. I woke up at around 10++am, still feeling giddy but not in any land. Hahaha. Yeah and i saw hubby, start questioning him and yar! tadaaaa.. Didnt even know that he was back. Okay. Last but not least, im having what most girls are having, menses -.-" No wonder, i started to eat non-stop, shit non-stop and my stress level - to the max siol! Hahaha. Okayokay.

To Hubby: Thanks dear for taking 2 day leave, for me. Actually, a day leave is enough for me to rest :) I know you are worried about me. Really, alotalot of thanks. Appreciate it alots.

Ibu(mum-in-law) came today to visit ariz & arissa. She bought ariz's & arissa's milk, also daily home necessities. She bought quite alot. I know ibu misses ariz's company at home and she's happy that arissa is growing up real fast. Yar, she likes fat, chubby babies. Well-fed la.


Monday, January 24, 2011


Woah. Im bored. Woke up in the morning, found hubby still sleeping and that means he was late for work. Haiyah, time check, 1103. Time passes so slow. Im so sleepy but i need to go toilet to pass motion. Isk, Kene tahan lahh pulak. Tak senons la. Arissa is sleeping, like an obedient girl. Lately she have been smiling and talking,  ALOT! And on one occassion, i heard her laughing! Though it sounds weird, its cute! Wakakaka! Okay.

Actually this is a random posts. Im bored. Ariz followed ibu to meet her counsellor and also she is accompanying her friend to family court. Perhaps she will be back late. So basically, now, im doing nothing other than typing nonsence here and waiting for arissa's milk. And ohh yar, i forgot! On saturday, when we were slacking with the yishun people, i saw fatin!! Yup, its been sucha longgggg time since i last saw her. I kinda missed her. Ohh yar, i missed my other ITE friends too especially riza. Its been a long time since i met her. I know she has her difficulty but i hope she will overcome it. Wish her happiness..

**And i miss my bestfriend and her son! Ibu said your son looks abit like arissa and i agreed -.-" Awak pulak busy kerje. Ishk. Nevermind, when i go back JB, let's meet at your house. This CNY. Hoping that hubby will not be reporting for work.

Okay bye.

Hahaha.. Login lagi.. Nak edit-edit lahh. Time check, 1727.

Okay, my dearest ariz Have not reached home yet!! Isk! Miss him larhh! The sad thing is, hubby is on duty again. Hubby said that they are short of drivers. It's only for 2 days and 1 night. Nevermind. And, the bad thing is, i have a bad headache and im perspiring infront of 3 fans. Trying to keep awake. Have not been having enough rest for the past few nights.. Yeah, for my kids, why not? Though arissa's crying worsens my headache and stress level, i'll still persevere. And anyway, arissa has been a very good girl today.

**Ibu i've been messaging you every 2 hours. Please bring my son back home!!!!!!!! I'm bored!!!

Okay, bye-bye.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My blog, my say.

Its my blog, my say. Tak suke, jangan bace lahh bodohhh. Tuu pon nak kene bilang. Kalau nak kepoh bace sini, bace sane, jangan nak comment-comment. Tengok dulu hidup tu betol tak betol. Maruah, harga diri, jage dulu. Kalau nak kasi tahu, masuk CNN. Buat untok org berkire. Tak pernah nak fikir orang buat ape untok die. Fikir. Jangan jadi tak tahu malu downgrading yourself, mintak kesian.

Now, people like to ask for sympathy. Like i care. Bilang sini, Bilang sane. Its okay. And nowadays, people are like dogs. When people say this, they do. When people say that, they also do. Hahs. I pity those people who dont have a mind of their own. I really pity those people.

Have a great, fun and outgoing night yesterday. Meeting up with the YISHUN people. Ariz.. was hilarious. Lovable. Alot of people likes him. Didnt take pictures yesterday as battery was flat. Nevermind. I have met my bestie, yishun people. And now, ITE people. Will plan something soon. Must wait-wait. Okays.

P.s: Buka mulut, busuk. Angry is not my happiness. My unhappiness is the selfish you. Immature adults taking out on kids.