Friday, January 7, 2011


Yea man! I can go to work!

To Hubby: Thanks hubby for letting me go to work. I knew you could understand the situation now. I promised you that your worries will be unfounded. I promised you that you will be my one and only syg. Mwahss.

Okay now im editing pictures to upload to my facebook and here. Yeahh.

Yeah, im back. Im done editing. And as promised, i'll upload the pictures however i edited abitabit ajelarh knn. Make do with whatever i have okay.

Okay, enough for now folks. Going to take a rest. Want to smokesmoke then layan ariz. 
Next time i'll post pictures of my brother and sister. Wait for them aites. Byebye.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It just another day

What am i supposed to do now? I've found a job that perfectly suits me however hubby is reluctant to let me work. Susa betol la.

To hubby: I dont know why you are so reluctant to let me work. I know you are afraid that my friends are still working there. I promised you that i wont let them be my first priority. Its a whole lot different thing now darling. I hope you understand. You very well know why i want to work. So i hope let it just be the reason that you let me work. Dont get jealousy get the better of you. I love you and you only. What happen yesterday, and what i said yesterday night, its just words of anger. I dont know if you take it seriously or not. No matter what. You are in my heart syg. Lets work things out okay. We have been a happy couple since i gave birth. I try to understand your difficulties and you. And i hope you will try to understand my difficulties too.

And anyway im uploading pictures at photobucket. Going to edit some pictures. I dont know if im able to upload the pictures today cause isha might be home a little while. And she wants to use the computer. Yeah. Im blogging for the sake of boredom.
** Ariz and arissa have just fallen asleep, atlas. Omg.

Haha. Tomorrow will be a challenging day for me. Will be looking after the kids, ALONE. Wakaka. I know i can. Heheh. Wish all the best for me tomorrow. Will update tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hello 2011. ByeBye 2010.

To a new chapter with hubby. I hope this time everything works.

Arissa. She is growing well. However she likes to cry, very LOUD. But now im used to it. In the beginning, its very stressful for me.

Ariz. He is super active. walks ALOT and now trying to run. He is super-manjer. Dier syg adeq dier laa seyh. I will upload the video kt fb and tag a few people. Korg should see it aites. Time pass so fast, ariz da setahun laa. Haha.

And I need a job badly. Yar planning to work at kfc csc. Thanks to fytria. *and im trying to lose as much weight now. hees. all the best to me.

Will upload the pictures the next time i blog. Pictures of me, hubby, ariz and arissa. Wokay.
Take care people. =))