Wednesday, October 19, 2011


2011 - its been a really challenging year for me and my family, although it hasnt come to the end of the year yet. However, life has susprises in store for us though i do not want to state how bad the situation is. Been facing every problem we had bravely, together. Hubby had only 4 months to go through his national service.

Been staying at jb since july. Mum in law has extended our stay till february next year. Cant say much about her, she really likes to test our patience. She have to throw her bad habit of being self centered. It doesnt really do anyone good.

19th October - today, counting down still. Nearing the important date, 31 October, which signifies our 4 years together. The number looked like we have been together for quite long. However, we are still getting to noe each other, throwing all the bad habits. We do alot of things together now though sometimes we dont quite really agree with each other, we share opinions. Our relationship is going strong. I just dont believe bitches can get in our way. Lol. Bitches need more than themselves to see us falling apart. Hopefully, we will atleast last longer than what people will expect, better still, till we are dead.

Well, thats alot more to write but i will continue tomorrow. I really have plenty of time. Now its time to sleep.