Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good news

The good news is Sidek could make it to polytechnic. Congratulations to him. <3

Job, where are you? I need you badly. Haha. I was supposed to work at the csc, that time i updated. However, Fyt said i have to wait till the manager call me. No sign of it. Katy said the same thing to when she applied for that job. Hais. Nevermind. Maybe i'll try my luck in retail sales. How i hate that job. I want to go back as a waitress but the job is damn tiring. Ohh my. Let me try my luck in job hunting.

Well, Isha i love you. Hahaha. I dont know why, but i love her!

Hubby, i love you too. I know you are trying your best to prove to me that you love me and i can see changes, and i definitely love you, for who you are, whether you are fat or thin or muscular, i just love you and your heart. Mwahhs..

Arrissa Insyirah, is now 1 month old. And is GROWING. Hahaha.

Syah Ariz, now talks alot, knows how to walk, talk, dance and even SING. Can you believe that. Hahaha. Dj got us falling in love again, by usher. Weird urhh.. Not the whole song, of course. I love him soo  much.

Well, this sunday, the girls asked me out. Katy will be there, and i wish to be there too. She will bring her hubby and son along too. Hahaha, i want to meet fathur cause i have not carry him yet. That time when katy visited me in the hospital with her son, i was in pain. Cant move too much and im afraid that when i hold her son, i will dropped him. Hahaha. Paranoid. I hope and wish that i could meet you girls. And ainina is back in singapore! Hahaha, Cant wait to meet her, Mat salleh celop! Wakkaka.

Okay taaadaaa..! Have to look after arissa now and waiting for hubby to come back. I love him. Mwahss!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tensed up.

Im all tensed up for my lil brother, sidek for his O level result. Hahaha. Yang klakar nyerr is that aku tak pernah rase tensed up or excited for my OWN result. Cause i think i know the outcome. But yeah. Goodluck bro!

To Sidek: I know you can do it. I know you did your very best. I know that you have tried your very best. Not only me, the people around you all see it. So please be positive. Dont be scared or worried.. Whatever the outcome may be, and whatever decision you will want to make, we knew you did your very best, and i'll 100% support you. Dont worry. I hope and wish all the best for you.

Will be accompanying him later. Now 12.06pm. Going to siap soon. I will update his result and whatever he is going to do. I love you brother, Sidek.