Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ariz's First time

Yes. Today is ariz's first time shitting on the toilet bowl. At last. I am reallu quite happy for him. He is a big sensible mischievious boy. Im glad i do have a son like him who could take care of his sister. I thank ALLAH for him. I really cannot afford to lose him.

Okay da melalut. Kay actually it happens like this. I know that he wants to shit. So i asked him if he wants to yak in the toilet. He agreed. At first when he entered the toilet, he was very reluctant. But then, he still agreed after i persuaded him. Okay then he was squatting on the toilet bowl, okay with me guiding him of course. I dont know why he was so scared. So i ensured him and made him feel safe. So after he felt safe, he continued to do his business. And then he finished, i asked him to flush.

So that was the story. K so if there is any update on hin or his sister. I will write in, if rajen. Cheyh. K with loves.

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Hi. Im actually using bloggerdroid. Trying out anyway. Hahs. Sumpah malas nak update blog. Can i update some other time when i betol2 rajin?

Anyway the best news is im working this weekend with my sister. Happy lagi!!!! Haven't buy shoes plus alter slua. Can weekend come faster. Sunday cash after workkkkkk. Wooohoo!!

Okay excited about work abeyh lame2 post long2. K. Remind me the next time i post psl barbeque CNY, my life, my journey.

With much love. Wawa.

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