Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I miss camwhoring. Since i have two children, i don't even bother to take a picture
of us. Or even me. This is my latest photo, after i gave birth to arissa.


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Monday, February 7, 2011


Heyy.. My blog seems dead. Have not been updating for a loooong time. Yeahh, even though im at home almost everyday, it doesnt mean that i have plenty of time.

Okay, firstly, everything is back to normal. I hope so it will get better.

Secondly, valentines gift is ready for collection. Yeahh, it might not be what he wants. But its from the bottom of my heart. Hope he cherished it. I dont know when can i collect it however, it's going to be before valentines. Sorry baby, it might not be a watch. Perhaps on your birthday after i collect money :))

Been going out lately. Can't update much anyway. Will update once free. Perhaps later in the morning. Hahhaa.

Okay. Need to look after arissa.

Love wawa
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