Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life at work

Yeah i have worked for 2 days. With my sister of course. It was really2 tiring. I wasn't as strong as i were when i was 17.

Here how it goes. We reported on saturday for work. Okay after all the hassle for first timer, we went to level 5 with the managers of course. Okay. The managers were all phillipines nationals. What a life like seriously. Okay, btw, we worked at MBS Hotel. The job on saturday was to setup for an event for sunday. The ballroom was big. Really it was tiring with heels on my feet. I cant walked in. I wont elaborate more cause i guess i wont forget that day.

And for sunday. OMG. We became servers for the event. Yes the room where we have to setup. What the fuck. We were really suffering on that day. Wont elaborate. I wont forget the day FOR SURE!! I dont really want to do this. I swear. Cause i think its not worth the money. Whatever.

So the pay. Yar. $88 darn. Okay. I thought of reapplying for macdonald call centre or worked as a retail asst. Try me. This is life.

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